Different materials and textures set the mood for any space. Strong color and material contrasts create very different sense to a space than soft and  similar colors. Fabrics soften and make the space more inviting and are part of the acoustic solutions.  You can order material/texture planning, color planning, fabric planning separately or together.

When we know how we need the space to function, usually next step is to focus on fixtures. Cabinets, wardrobes, shelves are part of fixture planning where as furniture planning is choosing tables, couches, beds etc furniture to a space.

Interior Design is always based on customer's needs for the space.  A design plan can be for the complete space or covering only a part of a bigger space. Fucntionality is in the core of any good design. Feenix Design offers interior design for both private and public spaces. 

Materials, textures, colors

Furniture and Fixtures


Graphic Design

In public spaces graphic design is closely tied to the over all visual message of the interior. Where and how to place the logo of the company? What do customers see from the window? How does the restaurant menus look? We offer high quality graphic design to our projects. 

In the end, the success of any design lies in its execution. We offer project management to our design plans, which includes working closely with the chosen contractor and suppliers. We also offer full renovations.

The significance of well thought out lighting can't be stressed enough in interior design. Ideally lighting is planned after the functionality, fixtures and furniture are all set. General lighting and design light fixtures have different focus. Good planning focuses on both. 


Interior Design - Space

Listening and understanding your customer is the basis of good design.