When deciding on what kind of surfaces are used in the space we talk aobut material planning. Flooring, wall covers, different desk tops and tiles are examples of material plans. Floor and ceiling are the largest surfaces in a space together with the walls. Deciding what materials and textures are used set the mood and define the overall style of the space.  Bathroom tiling plan or kitchen splash guards can are part of material planning.


Color Planning

Choosing the overall colorscheme for the design project is a fundamental interior design decision. Color planning goes hand in hand with other design choices. Color plans can include paints and wallpapers and instructions on furniture colors. You can order a color plan separately or it can be a part of the over all plan.


Textures and Fabrics

What kind of curtains would fit in the living room? Should they block the sun light?  What kind of rugs and how big should they be? How about bedding ?  Minkälaiset matot sopisivat tilaan ja minkälaiset vuodetekstiilit antaisivat tilalle sen pisteen iin päälle? Different textures and fabrics soften the space and bring warmth. They also function as acoustic surfaces cushioning noise and echo.


Yes, I Want a Material Plan!

Great! Next step is to contact us for a free needs assessment meeting.  Based on the meeting we give you a detailed quote for the design planning. If you want to work with us, in final plans you will have room charts for materials, colors and/or textiles. With the charts you can easily acquire the products.

Please call +358 4 7570425 (Pia Rydman) or send email and let's talk more how we could help you!





Material Planning 

Materials, textures, Color and Fabric