Functionality is always in the core of good interior design. Who will be using the space, how ofte,n what do they do in the space are all requirements on its funtionality.  A family of four have very different needs for a spaca thant an elderly couple. Also the requirements for a public space like a restaurant differ from the requirements to a private house.  The regulations in both of thes spaces are also quite different. 


Space Planning 


Interior Design project and space planning starts by reviewing the layout. Based on the needs assessment a designer wants to find solutions on how the space can function best.

Does the room layout fit the needs of the residents? Should the layout be modified by adding, removing or moving walls? Is the size of the space suitable for the number of people who reside in the space? How and when do people move in the space? What are the possible special needs for its residents?

A designer will find answers to these questions and base the design solutions on them. 


Larger Space, Smaller Space?

Space planning can be done on entire house or complex , office or retail space.  A smaller space like a challenging corridor can greatly benefit from professional space planning.

Well functioning kitchen brings joy for years to come as well as a small bathroom that has the functionality of a far bigger space, thanks to well implemented design solutions.


If you are thinking about redoing your home or buying a new house it's a good idea to contact the designer very early on.


Public and Private Spaces

In Finland the building regulations are quite strict. Public spaces need to follow regulations in order to stay in business. Private spaces have different regulations that are defined by legislation. Professional designer is trained to know about these differences and will be able to consult the customer. 

Public spaces have much higher number of visits. A restaurant chair wears in one day as much as a chair in private home does in 3 months. The materials have to endure this strain. 


Feenix Design does both public and private space interior designs.


2D- ja 3D- Drawings in Scale

It's important to present a design plan to a customer so that they will understand how the space will look in the end. We draw 2d layout plans in scale and show 3d drawings to make sure the customer knows how the space will change and how it looks. These 3D drawings are very useful especially in new spaces that are yet to be built. All the materials used in the space are documented carefully in room charts and given with the plans. 


Yes, I Want to Have a Space Plan!

Great! Next step is to contact us so we can set up a meeting for needs assessment. The first meeting is always free of charge. Based on this meeting we give you a detailed cost estimate/quote.  If you decide to work with us we will then launch the design project.

We need the floor plan for the design. If the space is existing and not in a construction phase we will take measurements on site.  

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Functionality Is in the Core of Interior Design

Functionality in Interior

3d Image and implementation