With fixtures we mean furniture that are permanently attached to walls or floors.

Fixture can be a wardrobe, kitchen cabinet or utility room furniture plan. Fixtures are an important part of Interior Design and they also can be used as space dividers.

In fixture planning we use both custom made and retail products.

Fixture planning documents are always scaled drawings with different section views so that the builders and carpenters can follow the plans easily. Fixture planning defines the direction of the interior design and its best done early on when a new project starts.



Furniture Planning

Furniture planning can be done to any space as part of the over all planning or it can be a separate plan. If you want to redo your living room, furniture plan is in the core of it. You will get a 2D layout plan with furniture placement, 3d-drawings can be made to visualize the plan better. Room charts include detailed instructions on where to buy the products. 


Yes, I need help with Fixtures/Furniture

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Fixtures as Part of Interior Design 

Fixtures and Furniture