Feenix Design - Design Agency was founded on 2005 with strong focus on visual arts and design. Feenix Design offers interior design for private and public spaces, high quality graphic design and unique art in the form of paintings. 

Interior Design offers solutions to different design problems. Design can cover wide and detailed plans about the whole space or they can be smaller projects like redoing a kitchen or improving the functionality of a small and narrow entrance. 

Graphic Design can be part of the interior design project in the form of logo visibility, window graphics or menus. Or it can be a separate project creating a new logo or refreshing the old one, designing business cards of company brochure or doing a magazine or book layout. 

An artwork that is designed for a certains space and manages to somehow emotionally connect with its perceiver always changes the whole feeling of the space. More neutral design style in connection with a colorful artwork accent lives up the space. On the other hand and artwork can repeat the chosen color scheme playing more with form and contrasta. Would you like an artwork that is made only for you, to your home or for your business space? 

When you order a commission you can ease on the fact that you can fit the artwork in your space and if you don't like it enough, you don't need to redeem it. 

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