Artwork and paintings set the mood for a space and pulls the viewer in. They also work as an ice breaker; it's very easy to start a conversation about a painting - ther is no righ or wrong way to experience art. Since paintings are hung on a wall, it's important to consider the sizing. A large 100x100 cm artwork speaks very differently than a small 33x44 cm painting. It's important to experience the painting in the space it will be displayed at. That's why you can always fit the painting at home or in your office/retail and see how you feel about it. No obligations, we want our customers to be happy about acquiring artwork. We have options for rentals as well. 


If you see a painting you are interested in, please contact me. You can call me +358 40 7570 425 or send an inquiry to Pia.


I also do commissions. Together we decide on the size, possible color options and other wishes you have. You can also send a photo of the space the painting is going to be hung. 





All PiaRydmanArt-paintings are originals, painted with highest quality oil paints or acrylics. They are painted on linen or cotton canvases stretched on wooden frame.

Pricing varies according to size and chosen technique. If you want a commission you can think about the size of the artwork and color scheme. With commissions we want our customers to feel 100% happy. If you don't like the painting there is no obligation to redeem it. 


Painting size 33x44 cm, oil or acrylics, 45€-150€, water color 30€-75€.

Painting size 50x70 cm, oil or acrylics, 85-350€

Painting size 80x80 cm, oil or acrylics, 225-550€

Painting size 100x100 cm, oil or acrylics, 300-950€

Painting size 80x120cm or 100x130 cm or similar, oil or acrylics, 350€-1150€


All prices include 10%vat 


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